The Way of Sages—Santmat—encompasses a set of ageless moral values, a belief in a Higher Power, and most importantly a methodology for realization of the Highest and the state of absolute Peace within one’s own self.  Incorporated in that methodology is an interior road map, as it were, of the various stages, spiritual landmarks, and relevant advice from a qualified adept for achieving the goal.    

Santmat is not confined to the beliefs, rituals, and dogmas of any specific religions. Being universal in nature it embraces the Truths found in most of the world’s sacred texts and religious traditions, but does not advocate any specific religion.  Santmat emphasizes the universal thread running through all the various traditions. 

The attainment of ultimate spiritual Peace and supreme Joy within oneself is the ultimate goal of Santmat as described by Maharishi Mehi and other great sages. Although this path is not content with meager goals, it is extremely easy to understand and practice. Progress is certain, although, for most, eager and persistent effort is required.



Introduction to The Way of Sages


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Special Notice: On June 4th, 2007 in Bhagalpur, India our dear spiritual preceptor and great friend Shri Santsevi Ji Maharaj departed this earth. We will greatly miss his physical presence but he lives on in the hearts of his devotees. Click here to see more on our great Gurus passing          Mahasamadhi details

The Way of Sages  


Shri Santsevi recent teacher