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The Way of Sages   


The Purpose of  Satsang (Spiritual Gathering): 

The word satsang literally means “association with Truth.” This definition of the word satsang encompasses a two- fold process: inner satsang and outer satsang. The inner satsang is contemplation on the Truth and the outer satsang consists of reading the texts of sacred teachings and associating with wise and saintly men and women. 

Satsang fosters the idea of “right association.”  That is, we become like the people with whom we associate.  The Buddha says in the Dhammapada:

“…Association with fools as with an enemy is always (productive of pain)….Therefore, even as the moon follows the path of the constellations one should follow the wise, the intelligent, the learned, the much enduring, the dutiful, the noble…(Sukkhavaggo: 11&12)" 

By associating with those holding similar spiritual values we reinforce those values and persist on this spiritual path.  Satsang, therefore is a meeting of individuals of similar spiritual intent, goals and practices. In the spirit of this goal, Satsang is held. Each satsang will have a topic.  

A few topics to be presented will include:  


A history of this tradition


The universal Way—Santmat


The path as described in the Upanishads and Gita


The path as described in the Bible


The path as described in Buddhism


Christian saints and the path


Recognizing a true teacher


Devotion on the path  

Most satsangs will discuss the finer points of meditation as well as discuss questions.  

Traditionally, but not always, an accomplished teacher presides over satsang.  Lacking this we hold satsang on Santsevi Ji’s behalf who himself is the source of inspiration for this task. In these meetings, all aspects of the teaching and its correlation to the teachings of the other saints and sages are discussed.  At times, small video clippings of the teachings of Shri Santsevi Ji and other accomplished teachers will be shown. Each satsang will briefly review the basics of this path while allowing for ample discussion and question time.

Times of Satsang are posted under Updates of this site.