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Shri Santseviji Maharaj Mahasamadhi

June 4 2007

On June 4th 2007 Shri Santseviji Maharaj left his earthly body around 10:00 PM India Time.  The last months before Swami Ji's passing he was more withdrawn and saw fewer of his devotees. On the day of his passing other than having back pain he passed the day unusually quiet. As the day turned to night he experienced increasing discomfort but seemed to finally rest peacefully. In fact he had quietly passed from this world.  Such was his greatness that even in his passing he did so humbly.  Just as Shri Maharishi Mehi Maharaj raised his hand on blessing while on his funeral pyre so also our great Guru Shri Santseviji raised his hand in his final farewell blessing. _______________________________________________________________