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The Way of Sages   


Books Excerpts:        

The following are viewable in Adobe Acrobat format --click to view:

                                    Chapter One from The Harmony of All Religions by Shri Santseviji    (pdf file format)                                   

                                     Chapter Seven-Santmat  (pdf file format this is Chapter 7 of Harmony of All Religions)

                                    Qualifying a Spiritual Master by Don Howard   (pdf file format)

                                    Selected verses from The Philosophy of Liberation by Maharishi Mehi (pdf file format)

Video Excerpts: 

NEW Rare Video Clip of Maharishi Mehi, Shri Santsevi and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi circa 1975 near Bhagalpur India 11 minutes will need Real Player to view this video                             

     Real Player necessary to view this video          

 This file is 32 megabytes and will require 3 to 5 minutes to boot to Real Player


    Real Player necessary to view this video

              This is a smaller file and should only take a minute or so on DSL









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