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Essays from the writings of Shri Santseviji Maharaj in his new book The Holy River of Knowledge.  Shortly before Shri Santseviji Passed from this world a collection of his many essays and poems which he had composed over the years was published under the name of The Holy River of Knowledge.  For the first time selected essays are being translated into English by Veena Howard. We will continue to translate and post essays as time permits.

Posted 8/12/07   The Art of Seeing1.pdf  This is essay 112 of 121. The title of the essay is The Art of Seeing


 Shri Santsevi Ji Maharaj ,Maharishi Mehi and other Santmat Saints public lectures translated by Pravesh K. Singh: in PDF format, double    click link below to open in Adobe PDF format:

Posted 7/14/07     Behold the Moon as well as the Sun Within You1.pdf

Posted 7/17/07    Cleanse Your Mind - English Translation.pdf

Posted 7/20/07    Jnaan Yoga Bhakti.-

Posted 8/01/07     Perseverance Pays - Santseviji.pdf---This was the last and parting satsang by Shri Santsevij Maharaj  given June 3rd, one day before his mahasamdhi

Posted 8/20/07    Know Thyself.pdf--This was a Satsang given in Rishikesh 1997

Posted 10/27/07  Maharishi Mehi Bridge of Knowledge--commentary by Pravesh Singh

Posted 10/27/07  Short Discourse of Shri Santseviji Maharaj- unknown date

Posted 11/25/07  Mystic Poems of Baba Devi Sahab -unknown date, translated by Pravesh Singh

Posted 11/25/07  Strike a Balance Between Spiritual and Worldly Life by Maharishi Mehi -unknown date, translated by Pravesh Singh

Posted 11/25/07  Live Righteously by Shri Sansevi Ji Maharaj-12/20/2002, translated by Pravesh Singh

Posted 02/10/08   Couplets of Swami SantSevi Ji.pdf

Posted 02/10/08    Offer Cravings as Oblations to the Fire of Consciousness to End All Your Troubles.pdf

Posted 02/10/08    Radhaswami and Maharishi Mehi quotes.pdf

Posted 02/10/08    Talks with Maharshi Mehi Paramhans.pdf

Posted 02.10/08    The Vedas and Santmat Maharishi Mehi.pdf

Posted 02/10/08    To Know Your Self is to Know God.pdf

Below is a Chart of realms translated from Hindi by Veena Howard. These realm are referenced in The Philosophy of Liberation